Hi! I am Deepak and welcome to my page. I am a Free Software Hacker and a Full Stack Developer. I work with a number of Non Profit and Non Governmental organizations in US and India. Feel free to get in touch !

This list of projects is not updated. I will add other projects soon :)

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OpenStack Contributor

OpenStack Gerrit Review

Designed Nova Network Iptables drivers to enable Security Groups and Provider Firewall for Xenapi.

Xenapi Provider Firewall Blueprint

Contributed other features in Citrix OpenStack

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Apache CloudStack Developer

Apache Review

Desgined and implemented Auto-Scaling and LBaaS in CloudStack by enabling NetScaler integration CloudStack AutoScale Blueprint

Contributed other features in Citrix CloudPlatform

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Software Development Engineer, ECPS, Amazon.com

Designed the HATS service which determines how much other services cost the Aggregator Service. It was then identified as a company wide requirement to find out how much any service cost any service based on tps:

  • Distributed copy of logs from Timber (S3) to an EMR (Hadoop) cluster.
  • Parses the logs using Hive to store meaningful information.
  • Hive queries to be executed on the above output for analysis.

Front-end cache implementation using Memcache and Crucarao (client for distributed Memcache) for Product Aggregator fleet.

Email Personalization and Marketing Service, TargetingMantra.com

Designed the Email Personalization and Marketing Service which is used by the Ecommerce clients to send personalized promotional and offer emails in bulk to a particular category of users. It is RESTful, written using JAX-RS (jersey) and runs in AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment.

TOPS is a Non Profit organization based around Seattle, WA. I designed a small application for them which takes the members' Requests and Offers data and send out emails to the respective members with the top 10 entries. Its written in Python and uses Mandrill API for sending bulk emails.

Source at Github

Numerical Methods recipes

I had created a simple website to share the C++ recipes and graphs of various Numerical Methods, I had studied in my courses.
Source at Google sites

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